2020 Campership Awards

The MSTCA is happy to announce the names of the student-athletes who have been awarded $100 Camperships for the summer of 2020. Congratulations to all of the winners!

The MSTCA is aware some summer XC/TF camps have already been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic; and other camps may be forced to close as well in the near future.

For award winners whose camps remain open this summer, the MSTCA will send the scholarship money directly to each camp director, who will then be responsible for distributing the money to each student-athlete.

For award winners whose original camps have been closed this summer and who then transfer to another open camp, please notify MSTCA COO Jayson Sylvain (mstca.billing@gmail.com) as soon as possible so the scholarship money can be transferred to the new camp.

For award winners who, for whatever reason (personal, camp closed), have chosen not to attend a camp this summer and plan to attend a camp next summer, please notify MSTCA COO Jayson Sylvain (mstca.billing@gmail.com) so your campership award can be deferred to Summer 2021 without the need to re-apply next spring.