Volunteers Needed for the All State Champions Project

Are you looking for something to keep you occupied in these most difficult times?

The MSTCA & BSR Teams are looking for volunteers to help archive all the Outdoor All State Meet Champions. We will then be able to filter all the data like the current Cross-Country list on the new MSTCA site.

We are basically looking for volunteers to look up a set of Outdoor All State Meet results and compile all the champions in a Google document that we will provide. You can do as many years as you want, the only thing we ask is that the year be accurate and complete.

Where do we find the results?

The results can be found in various places depending on what years you will be working on.

Mstca.net - This is the archives for the mstca. (2008-to the present)

https://ma.milesplit.com/ (2007 -the present),

Coolrunning Archives


Boston Globe Archives- (1900-2019)


We realize that this is a labor of Love for some people, and hopefully we can get many Track fans working on this project as possible. For the time being we have a google document that is setup for 1970-2009.

If you are interesting in joining the Archiving Team, please fill the Google Form below and we will get back to you with a link to the Google Document.

Sign Up For The Archiving Team Here


Thank You......

The BSR & MSTCA Teams