MIAA Board of Directors Conference Call Meeting Highlights

MIAA Board of Directors Conference Call Meeting Highlights March 30, 2020

*The MIAA Board of Directors (BOD) held a conference call meeting on March 30th consisting of over 30 participants representing the BOD, the Tournament Management Committee (TMC), MIAA staff and members of the press. Discussions were focused on the recommendations brought to the BOD from the TMC March 19, 2020 meeting regarding the 2020 spring sports season. Thank you to all who participated.

*Begin spring season no earlier than May 4, 2020 and have completion of regular season and tournament games by June 27, 2020 with consideration of June 28, 2020 for weather and facility needs.

Student Eligibility/School Requirements Physical Examinations Rule 56.1

*To waive the 13-month rule for physicals (Rule 56.1) providing that the student-athlete physical was up-to-date on March 13, 2020 or that a virtual physical or physicians note giving permission to the student- athlete to participate is received between March 14 -May 4, 2020.

*MIAA will waive Rule 58.1 on Academic Eligibility, and allow for each principal to individually determine their own local academic eligibilitystandard for the 2020 Spring Season. Starting and Closing Dates for Tryouts, Practices, and Contests For Spring 2020 To provide schools with consistent calendar dates to maximize amount of seasonal play while keeping the safety of student-athletes in mind, the following votes were taken:

*The first team competition may not start until after the seventh calendar day after the start of the 2020 spring season Golf must have three (3) days of practice prior to the first competition.

*Rugby must have nine (9) days of practice prior to the first competition. The first three (3) days of practice are technique and conditioning followed by six (6) practices, five (5) of which must be controlled contact. (Thom H./Matt T.) APPROVED 19-0

*The 2020 spring season participation will be extended for all teams at all levels through June 27, 2020. (Deb D./Thom H.) APPROVED 10-9

*There will be no exclusion or endowment games during the spring of 2020. Recognized Sports, And Scheduling Limits for Schools To provide guidance and consistency to spring sport teams the following motion was voted on:

*For all sports, except for rugby, the maximum number of competitions for tournament qualification is twelve (12) games and the minimum number of competitions is eight (8) games. There is no change to current status regarding the number of competitions per week will remain as it states in the MIAA handbook (Rule 34).

Discussion occurred about the Bona Fide Team Rule (Rule 45) and its impact on tournament participation and the recommendation to allow an amendment to out-of-season coaching (Rule 40). These topics will be discussed at a future Board meeting. The Board put forth a request to the TMC to submit a tournament structure recommendation(s) to the Board by April 9, 2020. The Board will meet at a later date, not yet determined, to review.