A Home For Our History

We all watched as cool running disappeared off the internet and realized that so much history vanished with it. I believe we have an incredible opportunity to really develop how we display our past with this new Records and Champions Section.

Let's keep in mind that this section will remain a work in progress. Now that we have a starting point, our membership will help maintain its accuracy. I will breakdown each section below to help explain kind of where we are in our development process.

The Cross-Country Champions Section- I started this list a long time ago and felt it would be a great addition to the MSTCA site. I had to retype most of this data into our new system, so we may have a few errors that occurred in that transfer process. I am sure I will be notified upon release that we are missing Western and Central Champions. That is a fair assessment and we will need help from our membership in Western and Central Mass to come up with a list. We want all records and lists for all areas of Massachusetts, but we will need help to accomplish that goal. The filters in this section are pretty cool, but you need to make sure they are on the proper settings on each drop down arrow for them to show the appropriate data.

Indoor Track Records and Outdoor Track Records- The All Time Lists are pretty much from the lists that legendary statisticician Larry Newman produces. Larry will always be the record keeper in Mass, but we needed an area to display our records. If we have something posted different than Larry, then we will update our records.

The Divisional Records are based off of the MIaa Result headers. They are not always reliable, because some years they appear and other years they are not displayed on the results. I did my best to roll back a few years and compiled what I have found. I am sure I overlooked a few, but again the membership will help keep this accurate moving forward.

Coaches Hall of Fame- i wanted to bring to life some of our Coaches from past and present that have been nominated to our Hall of Fame. I have about 25 more names, photo's, and Bios to add to finish this section. Some of the bios come straight out of local newspapers. If anyone wants a bio or a photo changed or added, please reach out to me at massrunners@gmail.com. Lou Tozzi only has Hall of Fame books from 2000 to the present. I will need help with Coaches nominated prior to the year 2000.

Athlete Hall of Fame- I have worked closely with Bob L'Homme to bring this section up to date. If anyone wants to add a different photo or bio, please reach out to me at massrunners@gmail.com. It was really fun tracking down photos and bios of some of great athletes in our sport. I have so many great photos that I haven't posted that I am going to start a photo album page based on decades. This will enable coaches to reach into their attic to add to this section.

Thanks to all the Coaches that have contributed during this process and please lets work together to keep this area growing.


Chuck Martin massrunners@gmail.com 781-927-5500