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Do it Clinic December 8th!

DEADLINE IS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2nd at 9 PM! (Check mstca.org for acceptance on 12/03/21! Note: only the first 500 registrations can be accepted).


Staff / Clinicians: Frank Mooney, Sotirios Pintzopoulos, Joe Patrone, Fred Doyle, Mike Bower, Keith McDermott, Peter Molloy, Joe Tranchita, Nicole O’Neil, Kennedy Brothers Physical Therapy, Ina Krueger, Mike Donahue, Tommie Campbell, Jacqui Barrett, Rick Kates, Bill Jennings, John Carroll, Dick Sullivan, Patrick O’Connor, Jackie Bachelder, and more! Special Guests = Matt Ellis of Primal Athlete Training Center and Brendan Shea of Shea Training Systems, who have led seminars @ our MSTCA Coach’s Spring Clinic.

Apparel: Marathon Sports will have apparel on sale on site!

Events Offered: shot put, high jump, triple jump (new this year) relays, hurdles, sprints, mid-distance, distance, long jump, special interest seminars/inter-active workshops, including core strength training, flexibility & strength training, , plyometrics, speed drills, weight training, yoga for runners, injury prevention topics and much more ! ! ! !

ALSO “Mobility Impaired” session focusing on disabilities, including physically challenged athletes or wheelchair bound. (Special Presenter = Mr. Joe LeMar, please indicate in email & register by Wednesday 12/4 if participating in this/these sessions).

Athlete’s level of ability:

1) Beginner (absolutely new at the event)

2) Novice (knows the event but needs work)

3) Intermediate (pretty good at the event)

4) Advanced (state meet level performer)

Note: Limit of only six (6) entries per team each (i.e .boys / girls) in the ‘Sprints’ (Dash only) for Beginner and Novice levels of ability!

Entry Fee: FREE For MSTCA Members! Non-members = $50 per team (boys/girls). Check web-site @ mstca.org).

In your email registration, please PRINT your athlete’s name, the event they will do at the Clinic, and their ability level! SUBMIT BY E-MAIL ONLY to:

Lou Tozzi - Clinic Director LP.TOZZ @gmail.com


Email must be completed & submitted by team’s Coach, NOT an athlete. No exceptions please!

The Patriots game is @ 4:45 on Sunday 12/8, so no one will miss the game!