Northeast Invitational Final Instructions


Thank you for registering for this weekend’s 3-day Northeast Invitational, sponsored by the Boston Athletic Association. Be prepared for our largest meet ever–we have 238 teams bringing 3628 athletes and 6016 entries.

PLEASE help us by reading this email and communicating with your athletes. If you’ve been to a million of our meets and to Reggie a million times, I suspect this one is still going to be orders of magnitude different.


Bus drop off on Malcolm X Boulevard. Turn right into the gymnasium to pick up your packets and make any scratches before proceeding to the field house. Scratches are made by circling the “S” across from the appropriate athlete/event. DO NOT cross out names as a way of scratching–that makes it very hard for us to read the name of the athlete being scratched. Be careful, we’ve had coaches scratch the wrong athlete.

While you will receive all of your bib numbers on your first day; each subsequent day you will need to stop in the gym for that day’s scratch sheets. Failure to do so, will result in your athletes being scratched from their events, as we will assume you are not in attendance.


The schedule is a rolling schedule and we can run ahead or behind. It is an estimate only. Please read the format Northeast Meet Format and be aware of the order of events.

ALL events will pick up their hip numbers in the gymnasium. IT IS VERY HELPFUL if you know your heat and lane assignment in advance. They can be found once heat sheets are posted on or also on the back wall in the gymnasium. When athletes are called to check in, they will report behind the blue high jump pit inside turn two.

Finalists in the hurdles and dash do NOT need to return to the gym. They will be called back to the check-in area by the blue high jump mats for the hips and race.

If an athlete misses their heat, please do not come to us asking for them to be assigned to a new heat. The answer will be no. Announcements regarding heats can be heard both in the gym and the field house. It is the responsibility of the athletes to know when their race is happening.

There are two exceptions to be aware of. Relays will remain in the gym to be brought out by our clerks in specific order. Also on Sunday, with almost 700 entries in the dash, we will clerk the two milers in the gym and bring them out one heat at a time for their race.

Due to the large number of flights in field events, we will NOT require all flights to check in before the event begins. Athletes WILL still need to check in prior to their flight.


We provide shot puts and blocks–do not bring your own. You provide relay batons and your own weight implements.

Blocks are allowed in the straightaway events only. We do not allow blocks on the oval events.


Please share the link for our advance ticket purchase for spectators. Purchasing in advance is cheaper. Tickets at the door are $10 for all. Spectators should enter the main doors at the intersection of Malcolm X Blvd and Tremont Street. Online ticket purchases will go live each day just after midnight.


Performance lists and field event flights are posted at Performance lists will turn into heat sheets on meet day as scratches are processed and results will be posted there as well.


We hope to have a surprise for your athletes in your packets (that I am being purposely vague about). When this meet was conceptualized, it is the one meet we run for EVERY athlete on your team. We did not want to do awards–we do plenty of meets with awards for great individual performances. We wanted to come up with something for every athlete you bring–not just the best. Derek Ellis, our Director of Timing Services, undertook the task of getting this accomplished in the 3 days between entry close and meet begin. We hope it comes to fruition and your athletes enjoy it.

We will begin each day with a coaches meeting by the red high jump pits 30 minutes before the meet start time.

Friday’s Meet Director is Hatim Jean-Louis of Boston Public Schools and Matt Carr, the MSTCA Director of Meet Operations, Indoor T&F.

Saturday’s Meet Director is John Monz of Weston High School and Matt Castriotta, the MSTCA Ast. Director of Meet Operations, Indoor T&F.

Sunday’s Meet Director is Matt Carr.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend and thanks for joining us for the 4th Annual Northeast Invitational.

Matt Carr, MSTCA, Director of Meet Operations, Indoor Track & Field. IMPORTANT LINKS: