Brooks Will Sponsor Frank Kelley Invitational

Brooks Running will be the sponsor for the Frank Kelley Invitational. You can purchase Brooks Running shoes at

The meet will take place on Saturday, September 30th.

Order of Races (Schedule Subject to Change)

9:30 am MSTCA Large Freshmen Boys Race - 3K

9:50 am MSTCA Large Freshmen Girls Race - 3K

10:10 am MSTCA Large Sophomore Boys Race - 3K

10:30 am MSTCA Large Sophomore Girls Race - 3K

10:50 am MSTCA Large Junior/Senior Boys Race - 3K

11:10 am MSTCA Large Junior/Senior Girls Race – 3K

11:30 am MSTCA Championship Boys Race - 5K - 10 max per team

12:00 pm MSTCA Championship Girls Race - 5K - 10 max per team

1:00 pm MSTCA Small Freshmen/Sophomore Boys Race - 3K

1:20 pm MSTCA Small Freshman/Sophomore Girls Race - 3K

1:40 pm MSTCA Small Junior/Senior Boys Race - 3K

2:00 pm MSTCA Small Junior/Senior Girls Race - 3K

2:30 pm Middle School Boys Race - 3K

3:00 pm Middle School Girls Race - 3K