Help Wanted: Officials Needed!, X-C Committee Members Needed!

There has been a shortage of officials at our meets throughout the current year and the MSTCA is asking for your help to increase the number of track & field officials in the state.

If you keep in contact with any former athletes (especially those currently in college) who are still interested in being a part of the sport, please ask them to consider becoming an official so they can not only continue to come to high school track meets but also get paid to do so.

If you have anyone interested, please have them reach out to Jim Morris at

MSTCA XC Committee Interest?

Would you like to become more involved with the MSTCA? Consider joining our XC Committee, which will be meeting again later this month to finalize the fall 2023 schedule.

If you are interested, please email our Interim DMO - XC, Jayson Sylvain, at