MSTCA Do It Cinic Scheduled For Dec.30th

The MSTCA Do it Clinic will be held on December 30th this year. This is slightly later than we have had in years past. This is a Free Clinic being offered by the MSTCA, which is different than the Reach for the Sky Learn by Doing Clinic.

Events Offered:

● Field Events: shot put, high jump, triple jump (new), long jump

● Running: hurdles, sprints, mid-distance, distance,

● Electives: interactive workshops possibly including core strength training, flexibility & strength training, plyometrics, speed drills , yoga for runners, injury prevention and alternative workouts

● MobilityImpaired/Physically challenged sessions focusing on disabilities For additional information please check our website

Athlete’s Level of Ability: (1) Beginner (absolutely new at the event (2) Novice (done the event but needs work (3) Intermediate (pretty good at the event ,scorer

Mr. Kent Taylor , MSTCA ,will be on site video taping athletes /sessions. Please note, there is a limit of six (6) entries per team, each gender in the ‘Sprints’ (dash only) for Beginner and Novice levels of ability! You must pre-register for the physically challenged sessions by Wednesday

December 21, 2022 Please complete the application below and submit to Fred Doyle, MSTCA Special Events Director, at