MIAA Updates

MIAA XC/Track & Field Committee Meeting Update September 21, 2022

XC Update:


Waves will be posted by October 1, 2022, for the MIAA November 12, races.

Western Mass X-C Course Preview

Western Mass will host the Dick Atkinson Invitational at Stanley Park on October 22. This is your chance to preview the Division 2 course.

Central Mass X-C Course Preview

Central Mass will host an Open invite called the District E Central Mass Cross Country Championship at Gardner on October 29. This is your chance to preview the Division 3 course. To have your school added to this meet on Direct Athletics, contact Charlie Butterfield at cbutter51@hotmail.com

Back To Two Trophies

There will be two trophies in each race both weekends of the MIAA tournament. The 2nd place team’s trophy will no longer read “Finalist” but rather “Runner-up.” The philosophy being all teams at the meet are “finalists.”

Indoor Track & Field Update:

The format will look dramatically different this year. It will be much shorter and have a different lay-out. It will have 4 pages of rules/narrative. Then each meet (Division 1-5 and the Meet of Champions) will have its own Google Sheet with all the relevant meet-day information. The goal is to provide a single page to print with all the critical information. If you find yourself struggling to understand it, please contact either one of us via email. The Committee voted that the 300 meters will be run in lanes the whole way at the tournament. This is in response to the survey where almost 70% of respondents preferred that method. The MSTCA will run the 300 at its meets this way as well. (What your individual leagues do for their meets is NOT determined by us).

Michael Glennon

Brookline High XC and T&F

MSTCA, Executive Committee

MIAA XC/T&F Coaches

Matt Carr

Burlington High XC and T&F

MSTCA, Director of Indoor T&F

MIAA XC/T@&F Coaches Representative Representative