MSTCA Is Seeking a Director of Timing Services

Job Posting: Director of Timing Services

The Massachusetts State Track Coaches’ Association is seeking a Director of Timing Services (DTS). The DTS works in collaboration with the seasonal Director of Meet Operations and is responsible for entry procedures, timing services, and result compilation for all MSTCA meets during the cross-country, indoor, and outdoor track seasons. This position will begin with the indoor season of 2022-23 and run for 2 calendar years, through the cross-country season of 2024. The DTS’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

1.  The DTS will be responsible for maintaining and updating MSTCA timing equipment and software, as well as MSTCA Meet Management software.

a.    Acquiring and installing necessary software updates, hotfixes, and new releases;

b.    Ensuring the equipment and operating systems meet the requirements of the timing and meet management systems;

2.   The DTS is responsible for the provision of adequate timing equipment to each MSTCA meet site.

3.  The DTS will ensure that the day of meet on-site timing personnel are capable of correct setup of all necessary equipment for timing and meet management.

4.  The DTS may also serve as a FinishLynx, Meet Pro, or Hy-Tek operator at any and all MSTCA meets of their choice. If so, the DTS will be paid an additional stipend beyond the base DTS salary.  

5.   The DTS will hire sufficient operating personnel as needed for each MSTCA meet site. The DTS will convey the names and payroll information of any operators hired to the Chief Financial Officer for payment of the stipends.

6.   The DTS will setup each MSTCA meet on Direct Athletics (or other web service authorized by the Cabinet) according to the specifications provided by the Director of Meet Operations.

 The DTS will provide full entry instructions to the Director of Meet Operations for inclusion in the meet entry form.

8.  The DTS will be responsible for closing down the entry portal at the entry deadline.

9.  The DTS will monitor and download the entries from the web for all MSTCA meets. The DTS will examine the database for errors, omissions, and violations of entry requirements, and will attempt to clean up the database by resolving these issues. Such clean up may involve contacting schools or coaches, and the DTS will initiate such contact when necessary.

10.  The DTS will provide the database to the Hy-Tek or Meet Pro operators of the meet in a timely manner.

11.  The DTS will ensure that systems are in place for the timely provision of meet results to the participants, the public, the media, and the Director of Communications.

12.  The DTS is expected to attend all Cabinet meetings and may be asked to attend certain Executive or Seasonal Committee meetings where her/his input would be helpful.

SALARY: $7,000 per fiscal year plus per meet FinishLynx/Hy-Tek stipends (amounts available on request).


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