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MSTCA DMO-OTF Letter to Membership


I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and offer some important information about the upcoming outdoor track and field season. Please read this brief, but essential message carefully:

Here is the link to our meet schedule, along with our entry formats. All entries should be made on www.directathletics.com prior to the deadline. Please read all formats carefully and enter only eligible athletes.

Beginning this past indoor season, we have moved our entry deadlines to Tuesday night at 11:59pm for weekend meets, but there will be NO LATE ENTRIES accepted at any of our meets. Please plan accordingly, and respect this policy as the only way we can fairly and equitably run our meet schedule for all track and field programs.

To help ensure you don’t miss your deadlines, I have created a GOOGLE CALENDAR for MSTCA Spring 2022 Entry Deadlines. Please open this on your device and add it to your own calendar, and you should have the entry deadlines wherever you go.

With the exception of the DI, DII, DIII, DIV, and DV/VI relays, all MSTCA meets are open to all MIAA member schools. For relays, you may only enter the meet for your division based on the MIAA BOYS ALIGNMENTS and MIAA GIRLS ALIGNMENTS. Contact Mike Miller if you’re not listed in your correct division in Direct Athletics.

We are using a different format for the MSTCA divisional relays this year than in years past. Rather than have each gender do all running events at a time or all field events at once, we will alternate all running events by gender, and will have some field events start with boys and others start with girls. This is intended to create a more standard meet scheduling format to allow for more natural doubles and triples.

Both the Freshman-Sophomore and MSTCA Coaches weekends feature two meet options. Teams can choose either meet, regardless of gender or division on those weekends. You may bring some athletes to one meet, some to the other, or even bring an athlete to both meets. They are separate invitationals, allowing for coaches to choose whichever schedule works best for their team. As always, you are responsible for payment for all entries, not just the events you compete in.

Due to complications with rescheduling sites, booking officials, and meet personnel, in most cases we will not have rain dates for our meets. We will do everything possible to hold our meets, rain or shine. Only extreme weather will result in us canceling a meet.

Please consider joining the MSTCA if you haven’t yet. The MSTCA offers single coach memberships and school wide memberships. Please reach out to Vice-President Matt Griffin (mstca.membership@gmail.com) or join at https://mstca.org/join-us

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or comments about our meets. I can be reached at mstca.outdoor@gmail.com I wish you all the best this season, and most of all, good health (and good weather).

Mike Miller mstca.outdoor@gmail.com MSTCA Director of Meet Operations, Outdoor Track & Field

MSTCA DMO-OTF Letter to Membership

Mike Miller

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