Race Against Racism Virtual 5K!

[Race Agiant Racism Registration]

A message from our MSTCA Diversity Chairs (Coach Griffin & Coach Rowbotham) and her Athletic Director, Lauren McFarland:

Hello all,

My running partner and I wanted to create something to stand against racism, but also highlight local organizations that are already fighting against it. So we used what we know best, running, and created a virtual 5k series called Race Against Racism. This is the second one we have hosted! Below you can read about the local organization that all of the proceeds are going to. We thank you in advance for even taking the time to read this and I will ruin the surprise by saying this event is FREE! Truly, we just want to bring awareness and if people feel compelled to donate, that is an amazing added benefit.

This time around, we are also selling stickers of the logo (see above) for $3 each or $5 for two. Perfect to add to a water bottle, laptop cover, or cell phone case. If this interests you, please send me an email back and I will help with next steps! Here is our [Facebook event:]{https://fb.me/e/23uiww2xD}

Race Against Racism is a virtual 5K. The best part about virtual races is that you can participate anywhere and anyway you would like to! Whether you are a runner or not there are options for everyone. The event is open from Feb 22nd- Feb 28th, registration link is down below!

Our goal in creating this event is to move for change. Summer of 2020 we decided that in order to be a partner in the community we needed to do something to promote change; this is our way of starting the wheel of change. We are having the hard conversations involving white privilege, gaps in education, increasing poverty levels, social injustice, racism and police brutality (just to name a few).

We are also accepting donations that will benefit ROCA, Springfield MA division. ROCA works within our local community to bridge gaps between the justice system and systemically suppressed individuals. ROCA provides men and women with educational programs as well as transitions programs for individuals to get real life work experience and build into their communities.

Signing up for the event is super easy- and FREE! Yes it is free! We are kindly suggesting a minimum $5 donation per entry (aka the price of a premium coffee or smoothie). If you’re interested in the event, either as a participant or a donor please click the link to find some more information on our event!

Race Agiant Racism Registration