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Thank You To everyone involved with the January meets at Wheaton this season!

To everyone involved with the January meets at Wheaton this season!

From MSTCA Executive Director Rick Kates:

Thank you to all who provided many opportunities for student-athletes in these trying times. Hopefully we can get back to unlimited parameters. Who misses 65 heats of the 300? Our two athletic trainers were Amy Fein and Jessica Scott. They are first class 1st responders. A big shout out to our track & field officials (with the help our assignor Frank Mooney), the BSR staff who provided coverage to families, teammates and friends. Thank you to the members of MSTCA who worked our meets, with a hidden smile behind the mask. We cannot express the warm welcome and support we receive from the coaching staff at Wheaton College! Shout out to Marketing Director Tim Cimeno who got this started with a vision, to our Chief Operating Officer Jayson Sylvain who crunched the numbers, and envisioned/implemented the set up along with Matt Carr, (now known as the Meet Director of Indoor 20-21 Wheaton Season). Finally, thank you to Kim Spence with the Wheaton workers and Jacob Dubin with the Sharon staff.

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." -Issac Newton

Thank you to all and Stay Safe!

From successful Burlington coach, MSTCA Hall of Famer, and MSTCA Executive Board Member & Notable Meet Director Matthew Carr:

Those of you who know me, know I'm most comfortable talking about other things. However, Fred Doyle sent me an email that had a great phrase in it. He said he's always been proud to be a MSTCA member, but never more so than this winter. And I thought to myself, darn-it Fred, I should have said that.

When we started this process, it had both risks and people who were understandably skeptical. It would certainly have been easier to have not done these meets. They required a lot of work, by a lot of people. But as I drove home after Saturday's meet, I honestly was just happy.

We had over 1800 kids compete (our first meet was 172 entries and Saturday was 386!). I wish I had the foresight enough at the start to save all the emails (but I'm a compulsive deleter). I received roughly 5-10 after every meet from kids and parents saying how thankful they were for these meets. Many of you have relayed to me that you heard similar stories. We've all likely been involved in bigger meets by size, and bigger meets by stature (championships and the like). I doubt we've been involved in bigger meets by value and importance.


From legendary Brockton coach, MSTCA Hall of Famer, and Official Bill Jennings to Matt Carr and Jayson Sylvain:

Great job on a wonderful season for all the track and field athletes. We have had many great years of track and field for the kids over the years but none in as difficult as this year. Thank you for making this a happening that I'm sure they will always remember. You and your staff did a wonderful job and should be commended. This indoor season will make the future years easier and brighter for all the track and field athletes of Massachusetts. The planning, timing and safety protocols were adhered to and hopefully other sports in Mass will copy because of the success you had and displayed. Again, thank you for all you do.