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Grand Prix Standings & Top Performances At Wheaton

Grand Prix Standings

Top Performances At Wheaton

Grand Prix Information

Grand Prix Description:

● A Grand Prix competition in track and field is held over the course of multiple dates.

● Athletes earn points for each event in which they compete.

● The amount of points earned is based on the performance.

● The athlete with the highest number of points at the end of the competition is the winner.

● Our Grand Prix competition will be held as a part of the four meets planned for the remainder of the 2021 MSTCA season.

● Athletes can enter to compete in any of our 6 specific event categories.

● Events will be scored using the IAAF scoring tables to produce male and female champions in each of the categories noted below. Event Categories:

● Sprints Championship​: 55m Hurdles, 55m Dash, 200m, 300m, 400m

● Middies Championship​: 600m, 800m, 1000m

● Distance Championship​: 1 mile, 2 mile, 5000m

● Jumps Championship​: Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump

● Throws Championship​: Shot Put

● Multis Championship​: 1 event from each of the 5 categories above Entry Rules:

● Athletes must enter and compete i​n at least three of the four meets.​

● In the Sprints, Middies, Distance, and Jumps Grand Prix competitions, athletes must compete i​n at least two different events within the category​over the course of the meets. Scoring will be based on your three best performances, and no more than two of your scores can be from the same event.

● Athletes can replace a score with a higher score in a subsequent meet, provided they meet the other entry requirements (three meets minimum; two different events minimum; three scores total).

● The Throws Championship will be based on your best performance in any three of the meets.

● Multis must compete in one event from each of the five event categories over the course of the Grand Prix meets. Scoring Procedure:

● IAAF scoring tables will be used for all events.

● If any meet is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the MSTCA reserves the right to alter the number of events/meets required for the Grand Prix.