What is the MSTCA?

The MSTCA is an organization of Massachusetts Cross Country and Track & Field coaches, which supports these sports at the high school level in Massachusetts. We currently have over 600 active members and growing rapidly.

What does the MSTCA do?

The MSTCA sponsors, organizes and conducts fifteen Cross Country and Track & Field meets during the course of each academic year, runs an annual clinic in March, and the Hall of Fame induction each May, and provides coaches with an opportunity to make suggestions to and influence decisions made by other bodies (for example, the MIAA). Benefits of MSTCA Membership-

Members of the MSTCA receive the following benefits:

Added to the MSTCA mailing list, and thus will receive all MSTCA correspondence.

Coverage under the Association's liability insurance policy.

Eligibility for the MSTCA Coach of the Year (Head and Assistant) Awards for Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field.

Discounted rate for the MSTCA's 2024 New England Clinic.

"Do it Clinic": Free for Coaches & Athletes

Entitled to participate in MSTCA general meetings and have your opinion heard on the issues affecting high school track and cross country in Massachusetts.

Helping to support MSTCA in its efforts to improve high school track and cross country.

Athletes of Members are eligible for:

Frank Mooney Athlete of the Year Award (XC, ITF, and OTF).

MSTCA "Camperships" which help offset the cost of attending a Summer XC/TF Camp.

Bob McIntyre Scholarships annually awarded to graduating seniors.